International anthems

For the Internationale, see Soviet Union (1922–1944).

Americas Himno de las Américas MIDI file Lyrics
Esperanto La espero MIDI file MIDI file MIDI file Lyrics
Europe MIDI file
FIDE MIDI file Lyrics
Olympics Olympiakós ýmnos MIDI file Lyrics
United Nations Hymn to the United Nations MIDI file Lyrics

Anthems of micronations

Micronations are entities that have a state-like organisation. However, they are not actual states. They usually borrow the melody of an existing national anthem or piece of classical music, often with new lyrics, e.g. Molossia using the melody of Zaire (1971–1997) or Scholandia using the melody of J. Thommen’s O du Liebe meiner Liebe. This page only lists anthems that are original compositions, mostly as a curiosity and for comparison with anthems of actual states.

Aerial City MIDI file
Coptic Pharaonic Republic MIDI file Lyrics
Redonda God who gave our Island soil MIDI file Lyrics
Sealand E mare libertas MIDI file
Wandystan Wandowie! Socjalizm albo śmierć! MIDI file

Fictional anthems

Anthems that exist only in fictional works, such as films, television series, video games, etc.

United Federation of Planets from the Star Trek television series MIDI file

Full versions

Full, unabridged versions of songs used as anthems.

Ireland Amhrán na bhFiann MIDI file MIDI file MIDI file Lyrics
Mecklenburg-Strelitz Vandalia MIDI file Lyrics
Monaco A marcia de Muneghu MIDI file

Historical versions

Versions and arrangements that have been used in the past but are no longer in use. Sometimes they are longer than the versions currently in use, for example they include an intro or have an extra section.

Australia Advance Australia Fair c.1879 MIDI file Lyrics
Johor Lagu bangsa Johor 1915 MIDI file Lyrics
1978 MIDI file
Malaysia Negaraku 1957 MIDI file Lyrics
1992 MIDI file
Netherlands Wilhelmus von Nassaue 1603 MIDI file Lyrics
Nicaragua 1890 MIDI file
Singapore Majulah Singapura 1958 MIDI file Lyrics
United States of America The star-spangled banner 1814 MIDI file Lyrics
1861 MIDI file
1884 MIDI file
Venezuela Gloria al bravo Pueblo 1883 MIDI file Lyrics

Alternate settings

Alternative musical settings of anthem lyrics that are not used as such, with the names of their composers.

Confederate States of America (1861–1865) God save the South Cœ̈niél, C. T. de MIDI file Lyrics
Halphin, E. MIDI file MIDI file
Finland Maamme
Vårt land
Ehrström, F. A. MIDI file Lyrics
Runeberg, J. L. MIDI file
Moravia Jsem Moravan Pivoda, K. MIDI file Lyrics
Silesia (Polish, 1922–1939) Sieja, S. MIDI file Lyrics

Anthem proposals

Tunes that were proposed as national anthems but were never adopted. Years refer to when the proposal was first published.

Cyprus 2004a MIDI file
Ecuador 1865 Canción ecuatoriana MIDI file Lyrics
Russia 1917 Gimn svobodnoĭ Rossii MIDI file Lyrics
Serbia and Montenegro 2003 MIDI file Lyrics
United States of America 1861b Anthem of liberty MIDI file Lyrics
God save our Fatherland MIDI file Lyrics
God save the land! MIDI file Lyrics
Our Native Land MIDI file Lyrics
  1. Proposed as part of the Annan Plan, which was rejected in the 2004 referendum.
  2. Submissions to the Committee upon a National Hymn, as outlined in R. G. White, National Hymns: How They Are Written and How They Are Not Written (New York, 1861).

Unconfirmed anthems

Tunes that some sources (referenced in the table) claim to be the anthem of some country, but no more authoritative source has been found to confirm this. Some of these ‘anthems’ may have been included in these sources by mistake. Years refer to when the tune was published in the given sources.

Bhutan 1975–20021 MIDI file MIDI file MIDI file MIDI file MIDI file
Colombia 18902 MIDI file
Korea 19103 MIDI file Lyrics
Madagascar 18904 MIDI file Lyrics
Zanzibar 18905, 19156 MIDI file MIDI file
18907 MIDI file

Bad files

Just for fun – files that sound terrible and therefore are not linked on any other page.

Belarus MIDI file MIDI file Lyrics
Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992–1998) Jedna si jedina MIDI file Lyrics
Estonia Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm MIDI file Lyrics
Kyrgyzstan MIDI file Lyrics
Romania (1884–1948) MIDI file Lyrics
Tajikistan MIDI file Lyrics
Uzbekistan MIDI file Lyrics


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  2. J. P. Sousa, National, Patriotic and Typical Airs of All Lands (Philadelphia, 1890), 206. It has been suggested that this is a setting by C. Delgado and A. Fortich (first performed in 1880) of the current text.
  3. Korean Old National Hymn (Honolulu-Wahiawa, 1910).
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